Baznas Gives Free Electricity to Disadvantaged Family in HSU

“Free electricity connection for disadvantaged families becomes part of the so-called “HSU Peduli” program”

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Signing of alms acceptance between the HSU Baznas and beneficiary. (Photo: HSU Media Center)

AMUNTAI (TABIRkota) – The National Alms Agency or Baznas of Hulu Sungai Utara (HSU) Regency has, once again, distributed donation in the form of free power connection for underprivileged family.

Beneficiary whose home just got connected to electricity supply is Yusuf, a resident of Sungai Malang Village of Amuntai Tengah Sub-District.

Utilization Staff of HSU Baznas, Ahmad Zarkani said, the free electricity connection for disadvantaged families is part of the “HSU Peduli” program.

The HSU Peduli is one of 5 (five) excellent programs arranged by HSU Baznas.

“There are four other programs, including HSU Makmur, HSU Cerdas, HSU Taqwa and HSU Sehat,” Ahmad Zarkani explained yesterday, quoted from the HSU Media Center.

Founded in 2001, Baznas is an independent, non-structural government agency under control of the President of Indonesia through Minister of Religious Affairs.

This agency makes money primarily through different types of donations such as zakat, infaq and shadaqah from Muslim people and companies in Indonesia.

Prof Dr KH Noor Achmad, MA is currently Chairman of the Baznas.

Meanwhile, Chairman of South Kalimantan Baznas is Drs H Irhamsyah Safari, and the HSU Baznas is led by H Tajuddin Noor.(sah)

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