Joint Rescue Team Recovered Riduan’s Body in Martapura River

“Riduan’s body was found in Martapura River, about 250 meters from the location where he fell from his boat while catching fish.”

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Rescue team evacuating Riduan’s body from Martapura River in Banjar Regency. (Photo: Banjarmasin SAR Office)

MARTAPURA (TABIRkota) – A joint team from Banjarmasin SAR (Search and Rescue) Office, PMI (Indonesian Red Cross), Banjar Regency BPBD (Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency) and other rescue organizations, finally managed to find the body of Riduan, a 55-year-old man who drowned in Martapura River, Sungai Batang Ilir Village, Banjar Regency, Sunday (March 27, 2022).

The team found Riduan’s body about 250 meters from the location where he fell from the boat while catching fish.

Head of Banjarmasin SAR Office, Al Amrad said the joint team found the body at around 06.30 am.

“After evacuating Riduan’s body, we then handed it over to his family,” he said.

As previously reported, Riduan drowned while catching fish using a casting net in Martapura River on Saturday (March 26, 2022).

Responding to the incident, Banjarmasin SAR Office immediately dispatched a team of six personnels.

The joint team then carried out a search around the scene.

An eyewitness said that residents saw Riduan was catching fish in Martapura River by riding a boat.

But moments later, Riduan was nowhere to be seen on his boat.

Residents panicked, because the boat continued to spin uncontrollably.

During the search process, rescue team personnels faced difficulties due to the large number of water hyacinth plants in Martapura River.

Banjarmasin SAR used a tool called AquaEye to detect the presence of Riduan’s body in the river.(ra)

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