Adaro, Govt to Fight Against Stunting in Balangan

“the role of the private sector was urgently needed in efforts to reduce and prevent stunting cases in the district”

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Representatives of PT Adaro Indonesia holds a meeting with the Bappelitbangda (Planning, Research and Development Agency) of Balangan Regency on Stunting Reduction and Prevention, Thursday (February 3, 2022). (photo credit: hindri)

PARINGIN (TABIRkota) – Coal mining company PT Adaro Indonesia is committed to participating in efforts to reduce and prevent stunting in Balangan Regency, South Kalimantan.

Balangan is one of the districts where the company carries out its mining operations.

Haris Fadillah, representative of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Department of PT Adaro Indonesia said, as a partner of the government, the company will show its responsibilities to actively participate in accelerating the reduction in stunting rates, including in Balangan regency.

“We will help the government of Balangan regency in an effort to reduce the stunting rate to 10 percent,” Haris Fadillah said, after holding a meeting with the Bappelitbangda (Balangan Regency Development Planning, Research and Development Agency) on Thursday (February 3, 2022) in Paringin.

Haris Fadillah added that other coal mining companies under the Adaro Energy, such as PT SIS (Saptaindra Sejati), PT BUMA and Balangan Coal, will also take part in the mission.

Head of Balangan’s Bappelitbangda, Rahmadi Husni, said the role of the private sector was urgently needed in efforts to reduce and prevent stunting cases in the district.

“The government, together with private companies will make efforts on sustainable community empowerment, for example through a campaign to change people’s daily behavior, so that we will gradually be able to reduce and prevent stunting,” Rahmadi Husni explained.

The collaboration between Balangan administration and PT Adaro Indonesia as well as other private companies in efforts to reduce and prevent stunting, becomes part of the implementation of the Perpres (Presidential Regulation) Number 72 of 2021 on Acceleration of Stunting Reduction.

Rahmadi Husni said, if the stunting rate in Balangan Regency can be successfully reduced, the IPM (Human Development Index) will subsequently increase. (sahrudin)

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