Schools Reopen, Tabalong Reoperates Free Transport for Students

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TANJUNG (TABIRkota) – Schools in South Kalimantan’s Tabalong Regency, as in Indonesia’s other districts, have reopened for limited face-to-face learning.

Every day, thousands of students make their way to and from school, either by walking with friends or getting dropped off and picked up by a parent or family member.

Meanwhile, other students rely on public transportation, where every trip to and from school comes with a price.

For parents of this type of students, spending the money for transportation need can be a barrier which prevents them from getting the education they deserve.

For this reason, the Tabalong Transportation Agency have operated again free public transportation for students as of this week.

It is hoped that free and reliable transportation provided by Tabalong administration can help improve students’ attendance after one and a half years of school closures.

Head of Tabalong Transportation Agency, Tumbur P Manalu, said on Thursday (January 13, 2022), the free transportation for students is a bid to prevent road congestion and pollution, as well as supporting low earners.

“Drop-off and pick-up children to and from schools by using private automotive vehicles, often also increase the risk of traffic accidents, especially during rush hours”, Mr Manalu said.

The zero-fare transportation will serve students from Monday to Saturday, from 6 AM to 1 PM, and will depart from designated, easily accessible locations.

On a previous occasion, Regent of Tabalong, Anang Syakhfiani said, the fare-free public transport program was launched to help families and students saving money on travel costs, besides reducing the number of private cars and motorcycles use.

“To date, there are a total of 36 free transportation vehicles operating and serving students in central, north and south parts of Tabalong Regency”, Mr Syakhfiani explained.

In order to support the free public transportation for students in Tabalong, coal mining companies PT Adaro Indonesia and PT Bukit Makmur have donated five additional minibuses in December 2021. (sahrudin)

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