Custodians of Worship Houses to Receive Incentives from Banjarbaru Government

(photo credit: TABIRkota/humaspemkobanjarbaru)

BANJARBARU (TABIRkota) – The Government of Banjarbaru City gave cash rewards to attendants of places of worship of the South Kalimantan’s second biggest city.

Mayor of Banjarbaru Aditya Mufti Ariffin, accompanied by the city’s Head of Community Welfare Fadillurahman Alfian, handed over the incentives on Thursday (December 16, 2021) at the office of DPRD (Regional Legislative Council) of Banjarbaru.

The latest data show, there are 116 mosques, eight churches, and a Hinduism temple in Banjarbaru, making it one of the most diverse city (in terms of religion) in South Kalimantan beside Banjarmasin, the province’s capital city.

Mayor Aditya on the occasion said, the cash rewards were given as a form of appreciation and gratitude from the Government of Banjarbaru City, for the dedication shown by the custodians in the places of worship they look after.

Many of them have been serving in the houses of worship for years.

“I really appreciate all the hard work you have done to keep every place of worship in our city clean and tidy,” the 37 year old mayor said.

A house of worship is often multifunctional.

People usually come to a place of worship to perform prayers in congregation or communal worship, while others are invited guests of a religious ceremonies or similar gatherings by religious organisations.

A mosque, for example, is also often used as a rest-stop for travelers.

Mosque custodians have main duties from mopping the floor to cleaning the carpets of the mosque rooms.

They are also responsible to daily cleaning activities in both ablution area and restrooms.

The surrounding grounds such as car parks, courtyards or gardens, are also under the responsibility of mosque attendants.

A mosque custodian, occasionally, also have to perform call to prayer as a muezzin, or lead daily prayers as an imam.

“Thus, it is important to always pay attention to the cleanliness, tidiness and safety of a place of worship”, Mr Aditya said. (sahrudin)

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