HSS Government to Award Prizes to 103 New Graduates

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KANDANGAN (TABIRkota) – The Government of HSS (Hulu Sungai Selatan) Regency on Tuesday (December 14, 2021) in Kandangan gives prizes to 103 outstanding, new college graduates.

The prizes are given based on specific criteria, which recognise and reward individual graduates who demonstrate excellent academic and non-academic achievements.

All the award recipients who are residents of HSS, consist of six Associate Degree, 94 Bachelor’s Degree, and three Master’s Degree graduate students.

“We acknowledge and reward your hard work by celebrating your achievements. To all prizes recipients, I on behalf of the government of HSS Regency, congratulate you on your excellent performance!” Regent of HSS, Achmad Fikry says.

He tells the new graduates that they will face bigger challenges after college.

Mr Achmad Fikry also gives advice in response to many new university graduates who scramble to apply job as PNS (civil servant).

“It is okay to become a civil servant. No one is prohibited from applying a job that is promising fixed and regular working hours, and a defined pension scheme”, he states.

“However”, he continues, “There still are many career fields that need and await the role of young persons like you are. And they have promising prospects, too!”

It is unfortunate that the award handover ceremony can’t be attended by the graduates’ parents.

The Government of HSS Regency doesn’t dare to take such a risk by inviting too many people at the Pendopo (meeting hall).

“You should be thankful to your parents, because they, without a doubt, play a vital role in helping you succeed in your education”, Regent Achmad Fikry reminds the graduates. (sahrudin)

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