“Bamasung”, Raising Awareness of River Cleanliness

TANJUNG (TABIRkota) – Making people conscious about keeping rivers clean is no easy task. Whereas, water and rivers, more so than any other natural resource, are crucial for all living things including human beings.

For that reason, an environmental group in Tabalong Regency, South Kalimantan named “Komunitas Jelajah Tabalong” (Tabalong Adventure Community), to launch a campaign of river conservation.

The campaign is called “Bamasung”, stands for Balarut Maharagu Sungai, meaning go down and preserve the river.

Komunitas Jelajah Tabalong teams up with the district’s Environment Agency, in carrying out Bamasung.

Haris Fadillah, Chairman of Komunitas Jelajah Tabalong said, the organization has previously held two times of Bamasung.

“We will arrange the next one, which is called Bamasung 3, from November 27 to 28”, Haris explained, yesterday.

The main purpose of the campaign, according to him, is to ask people to stop throwing inorganic waste into the river, and to give better understanding to them about the importance of water resources preservation.

“We know that every household generates waste or garbage, which should not be thrown anywhere and everywhere, but only in trash bins”, he continued.

Residents, he added, need to take the initiative to correct others when they see improper disposal.

“Warning should be issued to residents who are found to dispose wrongly, and when needed, fines should be imposed when caught recurrently”, he stated.
Participants of the event comprise environmental and social organizations’ activists, and individuals who are concerned with the natural environment.

There will be also competitions of “lanting” (waterfront, floating house) and river trash collecting in Bamasung 3.

Lanting house which is considered the best, and participants’ boat which collect most inorganic trash, will become the winners.

“We will also plant trees in certain point of Tabalong riverside”, he said.

Bamasung 3 will depart from Teluk Dalam of Sulingan Village, and sail down River Tabalong for approximately 30 kilometers.

“Unlike previous years, in the next Bamasung we will take a ride on boat through a different route, including the stream near Kalua traditional market. We plan to end the journey in Pudak Setagal Village, which is located about 200 meters from the market”, he said. (sah/RA)

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