Tabalong to Improve E-Voting System for Village Chief Elections

TANJUNG (TABIRkota) – Regencial Government of Tabalong, South Kalimantan through its Communication, Informatics and Statistics Agency, will analyze and improve their electronic voting or e-voting system for village head elections.

The e-voting system has been used for three out of 64 concurrent village chief elections, which were held on Saturday (November 6).

The three villages where the modern method of vote casting were used, are: Warukin of Tanta Subdistrict, Maburai of Murung Pudak Subdistrict, and Wayau Village in Tanjung Subdistrict.

“It was the second time for us to experience the use of e-voting system in village chief election, after the first one in 2019”, Eddy Surya, E-Voting Coordinator of Warukin Village, said.

Pebriadin Hafiz, Head of Tabalong’s Communication, Informatics and Statistics Agency said, by applying e-voting system, the government has been beginning to make technology as an integral part of the villagers’ life.

“Things have changed, and digital life is inevitable. We have to start to introduce the so-called digital culture to village administrators and villagers”, he stated.

During the implementation of e-voting system for the village chief elections, the government of Tabalong to cooperate with an organization named Tabalong Digital Community (TDC) as the IT Support Team.

“Technology, however, is just a tool, system and method. The essence is that people can use their voting rights, in modern, practical way”, Mr Pebriadin explained.

Based on cryptographic tools, e-voting is an electronic means for casting and counting votes.

It is considered efficient and cost-effective way for conducting a voting procedure, which has a characteristic of being real time.

In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in e-voting system.

However, concerns on security of networking and privacy of communication for e-voting have also been grown. (sah/RA)

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