Promoting South Kalimantan Tourism: Suka Travel Mart


BANJARMASIN (TABIRkota) – There are, unquestionably, many fascinating, beautiful places in South Kalimantan.

However, it must be admitted that the province has not yet considered one of top tourist destinations in Indonesia – unlike Bali and Yogyakarta.

For this reason, South Kalimantan Tourism Agency (Dinas Pariwisata Kalimantan Selatan) initiates an event called “Suka Travel Mart” to promote the province’s tourism sector.

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Through this event, tourism professionals from 13 regencies and municipalities in South Kalimantan are invited to offer their tourism potentials and attractions.

South Kalimantan Tourism Agency also invites 35 selected travel and tour agents from all over Indonesia.

Later, the tourism professionals will act as sellers, and the travel and tour agents as buyers.

To take part in “Suka Travel Mart”, each seller and buyer will have to pay participant support costs or commitment fee as much as Rp 500,000.

This commitment fee is applied to ensure that they will be present at this event.

In case a seller or buyer cannot attend it, a full refund will be given back to them.

Chairperson of South Kalimantan ASPPI (the Indonesian Association of Tourism Professionals), Mutia Amana Nastiti, appreciates and gives support to the provincial government’s program.

“What we hope is, of course, every buyers will further promote tourism potentials and attractions in South Kalimantan, after they return to their respective hometowns”, Ms Mutia said, Wednesday (October 20, 2021). (sah/RA)

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